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Best Part-Time Jobs for Moms in 2018

Best Part-Time Jobs for Moms in 2018 If you’re a parent, you already know you’ve got one of the best jobs around, with highly demanding (but adorable) bosses. But if you’re also in the market for a paying gig that balances with your mom life, there are lots of great options out there for you that don’t involve a cubicle and a 9-to-5 weekday grind. Flexible and part-time jobs are great because they give you more power over your own schedule, and can really help balance your home needs with your professional ones. We’ve compiled a ton of resources for you to explore as you start down the path of finding a part-time job that lets you work and earn money while still leaving time to concentrate much of your week on parenting.First, Prepare YourselfOnce you’ve zeroed in on the job(s) you want, make sure you have your job application package in order. You’re ready to take the plunge into the part-time working world- make sure your toolbox is stacked with all you need to conquer the job application process.6 Part-Time Job Interview Strategies You Must KnowThe Ultimate 6 Step Guide to Resume WritingThen, once you’re all set to apply and get that part-time gig, it’s time to start exploring your options.Jobs Where You Might Not Have to Leave the HouseAs you look for your part-time gig, it’s also important to consider how you want to be working. Are you able to spend some hours away from home? Would you prefer to work at home? If you ideally want to aim for a gig you can do from a home office (or a home laptop on your bed!), there’ are a lot of opportunities out there- you just have to be smart about knowing what’s out there.The good news here is that with so many telecommuting tools online, many jobs can be done from virtually anywhere- especially digital-focused jobs.  It is absolutely possible to sneak in a few hours of work during naptimes or drop-off playdates.Here is some inspiration to get you started.Top 10 Work From Home JobsWhat Are Some Part Time Jobs You Can Do From Home?10 Jobs Where You Can Telecommute and Make a Great SalaryHow to Get a Career Doing Data EntryJump Start Your Career as an Administrative FreelancerWhat Are Some Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home?Jobs Where You Can Earn a Lot by the HourParenting is a time-consuming and difficult job. If you’re looking to  supplement your mom gig with another paid job, you ideally want to make the most of your precious time- and that means finding a job where you’re paid well for your work. Take a look at the following, which offer options for jobs that are both part-time  and come with a high rate. The best of both worlds is definitely possible- you just have to know where to look!9 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Very Well10 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs21 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More Than $20 Per HourShow Me The Money: 8 Good-Paying Part-Time JobsJobs That Let You Enjoy Your Non-Work LifeParenting is lovely and amazing, but we know it’s hard enough as it is (and it’s already an all-consuming full-time gig). Adding an outside job on top of that has the possibility of making you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on your family, your hobbies, your relaxation, and yourself. Check out some jobs that offer the promise of a nice balance of work, family, and life outside of your many obligations.Top 5 Jobs for Work-Life Balance11 Flexible Jobs for Working ParentsTop 12 High Paying Part-Time Jobs With Good Work-Life BalanceAnd on top of finding a part-time job that leaves time for you to enjoy your life, you also might want to be on the lookout for one that comes with perks. You don’t need to have a full-time, salaried gig in order to enjoy the benefits of the working world. Check out some of the following companies, who are known to reward all employees handsomely.10 Companies With Amazing Benefits for Part-Time EmployeesJobs That Use Your Parenting SkillsAnd don’t be afraid to thi nk outside the box a little. For example, nannying/daycare might seem like a little too much parenting, but it would allow you to spend time with your own children while also earning money. After all, as a parent, you likely already have the kid-wrangling skills that would make you an awesome caregiver for other children as well.How to Become a NannyHow to Write a Perfect Caregiver ResumeJobs Where You Work For YourselfIt might also be time to think about whether you want to start your own business, as a side hustle to your primary priorities. Talk about working on your own terms- these jobs let you design your own schedule and hours. They likely require a lot more energy upfront and all the accountability falls on you, but you are the boss here and you call the shots.Side Hustle: How to Make Money on the Side7 Strategies for Your Side HustleThe Job of Your DreamsFinally, if you’re trying to live the dream (and have a job that will not only be the envy of your peers, but also your kids), there really are jobs that allow you to watch Netflix for a living. Seriously.These Netflix Jobs Will Pay You to Watch MoviesGood luck!

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Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities Essay - 1

Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities - Essay Example Have the lessons of the historical struggles of the African Americans to tide over slavery and gain civil rights gone in vain as the current trends in hip-hop are out to promote drugs, sex, violence, disrespect to authority and crimes? The overall opinion is against the mainstream rap and it is making the African American youth directionless and destination-less, and instead of mitigating, it adds to their woes. I have tried to argue in this paper that in the initial stages, the protest of the African Americans was vocal that in due course evolved into a political struggle. Simultaneously they also protested through literature and religious platforms. The whites continued to dominate the African American community and were not willing to give any concession to them, until slavery was legally abolished. The problems of the African Americans did not end there. Issues like poverty, lack of education, integration with the mainstream society, fight against segregation, employment opportunities continued to confront them. In this paper I have made an attempt to make a passing reference to all such issues. Measures needed for reformation and rehabilitation of the African American youth have also been discussed. Another i mportant problem confronting the African American society is the issue of single mother households. Even with the legal abolition of slavery, racism still casts its evil influences overtly and covertly and creates hurdles in the path of progress for the African American youth. Undoubtedly, mainstream rap is the enemy of the youth viewed from many angles. It promotes unhealthy social values, though music itself cannot be singled out for spreading bad values. It holds the mirror of present societal values and presents what is going on in the American scene. Objectification, lewd music, immodest lyrics have become the characteristics of mainstream rap. It also encourages violence. Through

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Display design for or a museun, gallery, shop ,church, palace or Essay

Display design for or a museun, gallery, shop ,church, palace or temporary exhibition - Essay Example Furthermore, of the ethnic groups named in the Hall of Kenya and the Cycle of life gallery, the emphasis is on the Maasai ethnic group. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to please foreign tourist market given that it resonates well with Kenya’s tourism sector’s extensive use of Maasai imagery and artifacts in advertisements. The foreign tourist market is important for the museum given that tourist pay eight times more than what ordinary citizens of Kenya pay at the entrance as fee in order to gain access to the museum. In addition, the tourist pays U.S. $100 to view the original hominid skeletal remains in the Cradle of Mankind gallery’s section (JURMAIN, 2008.p.6). The Cycle of Life exhibits consists of artifacts associated with stages of life in the history of traditional and modern Kenya. Like the photographs and paintings in the Hall of Kenya, the artifacts here, also carry ethnic identities as the overriding motive of display. Pictorial exhibit in the national museum as part of Kenya’s 10th independence anniversary celebration display is political because they are used in highlighting the various developments in the history of Kenya since independence. These developments were responsible for shaping the history of the nation through the various stages of struggle up to independence. The pictorial exhibits are used by government and the museum to give citizens the opportunity to learn, appreciate and experience the efforts and struggles made by the government and other institutions in the social, political and economical development of Kenya as a young country. An example of this exhibition was the 17th December 2013 which showcased the political struggles of various individuals and their contributions towards Kenya’s independence. In addition, the pictorial exhibits are being used to celebrate Kenya’ Jubilee year. It is a celebration which given due

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Consciousness mind Essay Example for Free

Consciousness mind Essay The Psyche, is a culmination of how we interpret the world, all our psychological nature. It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. The psyches are different paths to knowledge but have the same ending, personal ideas, experiences, emotions, as well as the collective unconscious. Conscious is the only part to the mind that is known directly by the individual, thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. This is how we grow our consciousness; the attitudes of extroversion and introversion determine how we orient our conscious mind. Individuation, or knowing oneself as completely as possible is how we produce and develop our ego. The Ego acts as the gatekeeper, it determines what perceptions thoughts feeling and memories will enter consciousness. Its what we select to make conscious. The organizational of how we operate. The personal unconscious is the idea of information that we file away in our mind. Its there, but we’re not focusing on it at the moment; it’s below the surface, the storehouse of repressed psychic material Complexes lie in our personal unconscious. They are groups of contents that clump together to form a cluster or constellation. They are separate little personalities within the total personality. They are autonomous, possessing their own driving force, and can be very powerful in controlling our thoughts and behaviors. The collective unconscious is the portion of the psyche, which can be differentiated from the personal unconscious by the fact that its existence is not dependent upon personal experience, composed of contents that were once conscious, but the contents of the collective unconscious have never been conscious within the life time of the individual. Ex: Mans fear of snakes or the dark. Does not learn these fears through experiences with snakes or the dark, although such experiences may reinforce or reaffirm his predispositions. We inherit predispositions to fear snakes and the dark because our primitive ancestors experienced these fears for countless generations. They become engraved upon the brain. Archetypes lie in the collective unconscious, models of our ancestry, it is the endless repetition that has engraved these experiences into our psychic constitution, not in the forms of images filled with content, but at first only as forms without content, representing merely the possibility of a certain type of perception and action. They are universal; everyone inherits the same basic archetypal images. The persona, to take a characteristic that isn’t your own. The persona is the mask or facade one exhibits publicly, with the intention of presenting a favorable impression so that society will accept him. It is necessary for survival, it enables us to get along with people, even those we dislike, in an amicable manner. The anima/animus is the â€Å"outward face† of the psyche because it is that face which the world sees. The â€Å"inward face† he called the anima in males and animus in females. The anima archetype is the feminine side of the male psyche; the animus archetype is the masculine side of the female psyche. Everyone has qualities of the opposite sex. The shadow, is primal and animalistic, it lives in the unconscious. It is projected on the opposite sex and is responsible for the quality of the relationships between the sexes. It is persistent and does not yield easily to suppression. Ex: farmer to poet, burying the idea of being a poet, but an even may trigger that desire. The bigger the personality the bigger the shadow. The self is the organizing principle of the personality. It is the central archetype in the collective unconscious. It harmonizes all the archetypes and their manifestations in complexes and consciousness. It unites the personality, giving it a sense of oneness and firmness. The psyche: a relatively closed system must be dealt with as a unitary system within itself, apart from any other energy system. It is derived from the things we touch, see, smell, taste, feel, or hear. These are the continuous source of stimulation by which the psyche is fed. The psychic energy is the energy by which the work of the personality is performed. Also called the libido, the natural state of appetite, manifested consciously as striving desiring, and willing. Its expresses itself through perceiving, remembering, thinking, feeling, wishing, willing, attending, and striving. It originates from the experiences that a person has. Psychic values, a value is a measure of the amount of energy that is committed to a particular psychic element. When placing a high value on an idea or feeling it can exert a considerable force in influencing one’s behavior. For instance, one who puts a high value on beauty will put forth large amounts of energy to surrounding oneself with beautiful things. This reminded me of my sister in law, whom is obsessed with very beautiful and very expensive things in life. She devotes her time and hard earned money to the material things in life. One might say she’s trying to keep up with the Jones’. She would say she like beautiful and expensive things. Direct observation and deduction, is a complex that does not always exhibit its characteristics in conscious behavior. Ex: The person who says, â€Å"I can’t stand gossips† may be the one who gossips most. Complex indicators are any disturbance of behavior may be indicative of a complex. Ex: when a man calls his wife by his mother’s name, it suggests that his mother complex has assimilated his wife to it. The repressed memory is assumed which has some connection with an unconscious complex so that the memory is swallowed up by it. Emotional Reactions, is the underlying complex. Intuition is the natural and spontaneous capacity every man has to perceive the slightest emotional fluctuation in others. The Principle of Equivalence if the amount of energy cosigned to a given psychic element decreases or disappears, that amount of energy is lost from the psyche; it is simply transferred from one position to another. The principle of Entropy is the direction in which energy flows is conceptualized in physics by the second law of thermodynamics. This principle states, in effect, that when two bodies of different temperatures are placed in contact, heat will pass from the hotter to the colder body until the temp of the two bodies is equalized. Progression and regression, Progression is defined as a persons daily experiences, which advance his psychological adaptation. Ones progression is a continuous process since his environment and experiences change continuously, which then adaptation is never completely achieved. Regression is the backward movement of libido. Through the collision and interactions of the opposites, they steadily become deprived of their energy. It subtracts energy from psychic elements whereas progression adds energy to psychic elements. Individuation Jung understood individuation to be something that began in the second half of life, when individuals reach the zenith of their lives and suddenly find themselves facing an unknown vista or some unforeseen upheaval. Sometimes this turning point takes the form of a crisis: such as a financial failure, a health problem, a broken relationship, or a change of residence or profession something which upsets the status quo. Sometimes this experience assumes the form of a profound self-doubt, a loss of meaning or religious conviction, a questioning of everything previously held so dear. Sometimes it presents itself as a deep yearning or a call to change direction. In essence, one could say that the unconscious, or more specifically, the Self (with a capital S), the central organizing archetype in the human psyche, which has seemingly hidden the greatest measure of its influence while the ego has been busy building a life for itself, suddenly the Self returns full force to claim a significant say, if not a central place, in the overall scheme of things. And for what purpose? To call a person to become a psychological ‘in-dividual,’ a separate, indivisible unity or whole. Those personal aspects, which have heretofore been disregarded be they interests, talents, characteristics, experiences, or issues now come forth to be acknowledged. That which was fragmented now strives for unity. That which was broken now yearns for wholeness. That which was neglected now seeks expression. That which was previously formless in nature suddenly begins to take a new shape, strangely in keeping with what feels like a unique and deeply ingrained individual patterning. The center of the personality moves from the ego toward the Self, in an attempt to establish a new center of the psyche somewhere between the two. There is something in the human psyche, which in its own fullness of time, struggles to produce the true personality. The individuation is an autonomous, inborn process, which means that it does not require external stimulation in order to come into existence. The personality of an individuation is destined to individuate just as surely as the body is destined to grow. But just as the body needs proper food and exercise for healthy growth, so the personality needs proper experiences and education for healthy individuation. For example in the early stages of childhood, of infancy personalities of the child are a reflection of the parent’s personalities, meaning that the child does not carry his own identity. But when the child separates himself from the parents, as in he starts attending school. He will then start shaping his own personality in unique ways apart from the parents. Three facts about Carl Jung. Jung was an introverted child and found happiness in being quiet and being alone. When he was a child he played by himself, since his sister was not born until he was nine. He spent hours inventing and playing games, then abandoning them to devise new and more complex ones. He did not want anyone to disturb him o tot interfere while he played. Jung had religious conflicts throughout his adolescence. Questions concerning religion were taboo. It produced confusion in jungs’ mind but it was the barrier that made communication with his father virtually impossible. He searched unsuccessfully through books for answers to his questions. Religious discussions with his father invariably ended unsatisfactorily, often with fuss and hard feelings. Jungs father died and made his financial situation worse. This left him responsible for the support of his mother and sister. Some of his relatives urged jung to discontinue his studies and seek employment, fortunately, one unclc offered financial assistance to take care of the family and the other relatives loaned jung money to continue at the university.

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Essay on Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Bladerunner -- Movie Film com

Similarities between Frankenstein and Bladerunner    Many similarities can be found between Mary Shelley's 1816 novel, Frankenstein and the 1982 movie Bladerunner . The number of similarities between these two works, created more than two hundred years apart, is staggering. A cursory look at both works reveals these similarities: Both stories feature a very intelligent person trying to play God through the creation of life. Both of the creatures were subsequently mistreated by their maker and society as a whole. In both stories, the audience is left feeling greater sympathy for the monster than for the creator. Both stories contain a very intelligent creator who seems unaware of the forces that they are dealing with. They are both fascinated with human life and wish to create it themselves. Victor Frankenstein states, "One of the phenomena which had peculiarly attracted my attention was the structure of the human frame, and, indeed, any animal endued with life. Whence, I often asked myself did the principle of life proceed?"(pg. 51) Both creators share a fascination with where life proceeds from. Is it merely intellect? Or, as in the case of Bladerunner, are emotions the defining element of human life. Both creators are expressly interested in creating a life form equal to human and Tyrell even wishes to create a life form superior to man. Both stories share a central theme, that the acquirement too much knowledge is dangerous. Throughout Frankenstein, the reader is left with the feeling that Victor's obsessive desire to defeat nature, through the creation of another life, directly led to the many tragedies that befell him, "Learn from me, if not by my precept, at least by my example, how dangerous is the ac... ...g detail of its execution." (pg 219). Roy expresses to Tyrell that he has done undesirable things during his life that were caused because of his desire to live longer than his allotted four years. Both monsters express their longing to remain alive. Even though life has not been fair to them and fait dealt them a cruel hand, these creatures still cling to life dearly, "Life, although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, is dear to me, and I will defend it.." (pg 100) Lastly both Frankenstein's monster and Roy Baty state what it means to be a slave, one to his envy and rage, and the other to a human race that spurns him. "..but I was the slave, not the master, of an impulse, which I detested, yet could not disobey...Evil thence forth became my good." Works Cited Shelley, M. (1969). Frankenstein (12th ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.   

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Becoming a Guidance Counselor

Every classroom presents an exclusive community of learners that varies not only in abilities, but also in so many learning styles. In education it is my role as an educator to give children the tools with which to grow their own gardens of knowledge. To accomplish this goal, I will teach to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. I will present curriculum that involves the interests of the children and makes learning relevant to life, but also be able to make sure that I am able to achieve the goals of the district in a manner that learning is enjoyable.I will integrate themes, integrated units, projects, group work, individual work, and hands-on learning in order to make children active learners. This allows children to have amazing teach-able moments. Finally, I will tie learning into the world community to help children become caring and active members of society. All of these beliefs will allow me to become a successful Guidance counselor. B ecoming a guidance counselor allow me to have a more one on one relationship with students. In many cases you are able to teach children in small group setting teaching ideas that children are able to take for the rest of their lives.Having a guidance counselor that is able to advocate for the children is so important. Education has changed through the years in my option it has changed for the better. In the United States many children are able to attend Private, Charter, or Public schools. In the early 1840’s you were not able to attend any school unless you were able to pay for the education. It was in Horace Mann in Massachusetts and Henry Barnard in Connecticut where they saw a need for free education. They were able to show that there was a need for quality education in order to prevent crime in the community.It was then that at the end of the 19th century all American children were able to get free education. It was not until 1918 that all states passed a law requiring all students to go to at least elementary school. Private schools were then created by many Catholics because they disagreed with the beliefs of the public schools. With private, catholic, and charter it all raises an issue should all education be the same for everyone? If it was up to me I would have to say no. The logic is because I believe that teachers have the right to be able to decide the way that they would like to teach.As a teacher in a school I like to be able to share lessons with my colleagues but I want them to make the lesson their own. I think this is the same for schools; all schools should be able to have the same guidelines but be able to make it their own. In the 1990’s the public schools saw a signifying improvement among the graduation rates. In education I think it is so important that you are able to use each moment of the day as a teachable moment. This is not to say that everything in your day is going to be structured but you have to be able to use every moment as a teachable moment.An example of this is I had a child that every day would run through the cafeteria to get into the line to be first. After several warnings the child ran into a younger child carrying soup the soup then spilled all over the student and the other student that was running. It was then that I was able to use that time as a teach-able moment. I explained to the child that if they were to slow themselves down that this may not have happen. This is not to say that the child will never run again but they may slow down before going into the cafeteria.In the school that I teach in we would say that a â€Å"Windsor knight does what’s right even when nobody is looking†. This is part of character education to teach children that they have to follow the rules even if there is not a teacher around. â€Å"A teacher's personal philosophy of education is a critical element in his or her approach to guiding children along the path of enlightenment. â €“ Barbara Wilt† In Idealism believes in refined wisdom. It is based on the view that reality is a world within a person's mind. As a result the teaching method is to teach on past heroes.This is something that I think was taught when I was growing up but seems to be pushed out. Realism it is based on the view that reality is what we observe. This shows children the order of society and all information is factual for the children to observe it. The one that I feel is the majority to the technique that I am is Realism. I think that I am capable to have articulated the reality of how things are and that most of the times the children are able to observe how it may be. I think that with technology today this is an easy way to provide this.A wonderful example that we did was that we were able to experience the winter Olympics as a whole school watching what was happening while it was happening. I think that this is also a great example of how in some ways Montessori also runs. Montessori was a philosopher that I wish so many teachers where more like. She was someone that was able to observe the children by giving them an activity in the environment and then allowing them to have the freedom to explore it. I think that many teachers do give them the activity except then are not giving them the freedom to explore.As a child that attended Montessori school I can say that many of my most memorable moments in my education were at that school. It is not only something that I can remember but have taken into my everyday life. It has brought wonderful insight on me as a teacher today. When you think of a teacher you think about the story book character that may be at chalk board. That is not the case. As a teacher you are not only a teacher, mom, staff member, friend, janitor, shoe tier, the list goes on forever. What you are is someone that has to wear many hats all in one day of work.In education you are not able to just have that 9-5 job. You are always think ing about making sure your lesson are finished, or did you get enough snack for all the kids in the class. You are always thinking about how the children may come in the next day: did they sleeping well for the test, are they eating well, and when was the last time they had a bath. This is all something that colleges do not tell you about. Just because your contract may say 8-3 that is not what you work. Your hours go above and beyond that.Many times during the holidays we as teachers have heard that a family does not have a holiday meal so we all get together and take it to them. This is something that as teachers we feel that it is important for every child to have a wonderful holiday. You have to be willing to change your hat whenever it needs to be changed. While working in the school I have learned more then I think any schooling could have ever taught me. I think that Curriculum for every school is important but the most important is how it is taught.Ideal curriculum was broug ht that there is an â€Å"ideal child† in every child. In this curriculum it wanted children to be able to build self- confidence allowing him/her to set goals and be able to achieve them. Allowing them to be part of an environment that teaches confidence, and endurance success. In this ideal curriculum learning is fun. The teacher is able to make the environment fun but it is up to the students to make the activity fun. I think that this is so important. Many times teachers get caught up with the curriculum and forget that learning is fun.I think that when teachers remember that they have to be there just as long as the students that making them enjoy what is going on in the classroom not only is a positive for the student but for the teacher as well. One way to do this is through Character Education. In the school that I teach in we do Character Education every day. In the morning we have a pledge that is said every day and a character word of the month is added to that ple dge. At the end of the pledge we say â€Å"A Windsor knight knows what’s right even when know body is looking†.We are able to then follow this rule whenever someone may not be following it. On each Day 2 in the cycle a class then takes that character word of the month and comes up with a play or a skit for the school to see. This makes learning fun the children not only learn what the character word means but then it also gives them a learning experience. Many teachers may do role plays, or act out a book, make a movie, all done by the children with teacher assistance. In the teaching field you have to be able to change be able to teach on a variety of different stages.Instructional methods are used by teachers to create learning environments and to specify the nature of the activity in which the teacher and learner will be involved during the lesson. While particular methods are often connected with certain strategies, some methods may be found within a variety of str ategies. It is the role of the teacher then to make sure you are using the right teaching method for the classroom. I am a believer that you method may change year to year depending on your class. As a teacher you are going to have to be aware of whether you method is working or not.In education the only way that you are able to see if what you have taught is sinking into these little brains is using assessments. As a teacher that is doing them daily before the end of school right now I would state I strongly dislike them. In the scheme of things they really are the only true way to determine how your students are doing. This is a tool that you are able to provide the teachers to not only track how they are teaching but how the students are doing. This is not to say that it should be used to evaluate any teacher but it should be looked at if a whole class assessment is low.These assessments are really used to be able to provide the right intervention for students. It is always an ac complishment in AIS reading when you have a student who comes in below grade level and with this intervention they then leave at the end of the year above grade level. This is not only an accomplishment for the child but the teachers as well. On the flip side I understand that education is now filled with tests and these children are always taking test and we are expected to know more now than ever. I don’t think this all bad. I think that if are able to use these as an assessment tool for the children.In doing this it allows the children to receive AIS services, Special education services, and enrichment, all from an assessment. In New York State we have state test which allow the students to receive AIS intervention programs if they score a low number on the test. It is a great way to see if these children need a little extra help. In schools today it is a teacher job to explain the rules and roles of everyone in the school. In many schools today we try enforce that just li ke teachers, aids, nurses, bus drivers, that they as kids also have a job and that there’s may be the most important one of all.Their job is to learn. School is supposed to be a learning environment and sometimes family’s think of it more as a daycare. With this in mind the thoughts then pass on to the children. It is our job as educators to let the children know the correct way to act as a student. It is important that children take school seriously. It saddens me to hear in elementary school that a child did not come to school because they did not feel like getting up in the morning and the parent had to work third shift and was not there to wake them.This is part of society but we have to make sure that the children in the society realize that a good education is the best gift that society is able to give them. As an educator in an elementary school I come across many cases that the child may have several strikes against them. One example of this is a mentor student that I have right now. There are 5 children in the family the parents work different shifts they have been kicked out of the house due to not paying their rent and now are living in a camper in the back of the grandmother house.Four of the children come to school and the baby stays home with whoever is home so they do not have to pay child care. The middle brother has a hard time in school. He is always feeling like nobody likes him and cares for him so he acts out in class. I have sat down with him and talked to him several times and he has told me that the only one that cares for him is his other grandmother and he is not allowed to see her unless he is good. We have many cases just like these in our school and every case is different. In the classroom many times the children act out for attention.They do not care whether it is negative or positive attention they just want that one on one interaction. Many times due to outside circumstances the children become below level grade l evel in the school work. In these cases intervention is something that would have to take place. After an evaluation you would be able to determine how much intervention the child may need. In this case this child receives AIS math and Reading because he many times is out of the classroom because he is in the time-out room due to an outburst in the classroom.He is also provided with a mentor that makes up a schedule with the child. I am actually his mentor and we meet twice a week. During this time we have a nice lunch in my classroom and then do something fun go outside, play a game, watch some of a movie, or sometimes have special desert. This is something that is one on one with the child in a non-negative situation. I also talk to him during this time about what is happening at home and things that he could do to improve his school work. Many times during the year he will come to me for help get a project done that he knows he may not receive the help at home.He also receives in tervention from the social workers that come to the building they are able to do an assessment to tell whether he may need to be assessed further from an outside facility. All of these interventions are things that schools have to do to help these at risk students. I think that with the world as it is today children are dealing with things that they should not have to deal with at such an early age. We as educators have to be there to pick up many of the pieces. Times have changed and we are the ones that have to shape these children into whom they are and who they are going to be.In New York State the thought is that â€Å"The sooner problems are identified and intervention services begin, the sooner the children are on their way to academic success. † (NYSUT). It is so true once you are able to identify the problem then you are able to get the services that the child may need. In order to be able to identify you need to really understand that child, which sometimes takes ti me. In many jobs there may be a right way to do things and a wrong way but education is different. Teaching is something that not every person is cut out for. You really have to dig deep to see if you are cut out to be a teacher.I know that I am, I have worked in the school for 4 years and I could not have asked for a better job. It is a hard job and I work more the just what I am suppose to but that is because I want the best for the children in the school. I love to see their faces when they come in the morning smiling or if you have a sad face it is my job to figure what is wrong and try to make it right to have a better day. We are not just the teacher during the day we are the nurse, janitor, mother, father, therapist, shoe tier, and many more all these hats are done throughout the day.This is all while you are also teaching a lesson and making sure that 21 students are learning, safe, and attentive. There is no other job like this. There is also no other job as rewarding as be ing a teacher and watching you kindergarten class leave your room and then 12 years down the road watch the same children graduate and moving onto to college. I will leave you with a Chinese proverb â€Å"Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself. † This is what education is all about.Bibliography Gurian, M. (1996). The Wonders of Boys. New York New York: Penguin. Graesser, A. 2009). Journal of Educational Psychology. Journal of Educational Psychology . NYSUT. (2010, June 14). Retrieved 2010, from New York State NYSUT: http://nysut. org/ais/index. html Richard Ogusthorpe. (2009). On the Possible Forms a Relationship Might Take between the Moral Character of a Teacher and the Moral Development of a Student. Teachers College Record, 111(1), 1-26. Retrieved February 24, 2009, from Research Library database. Webb, L. D. , Metha, A. & Jordan K. F. (2010). Foundations of American Education (6th ed. ). Saddle River, NJ:   Pearson Education Inc

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Frankenstein Writing Style Essay - 1769 Words

The gothic horror novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, and this author has a peculiar and unique style of writing, as any writer would have. One of the staples of Shelley s writing style in Frankenstein is a massive use of description in often long-winded sentences, which seem at many times like run-ons. For example, Shelley writes, â€Å"I looked on the valley beneath; vast mists were rising from the rivers which ran through it, and curling in thick wreaths around the opposite mountains, whose summits were hid in the uniform clouds, while rain poured from the dark sky, and added to the melancholy impression I received from the objects around me.† As one can see, this is a very long sentence the likes of which are found throughout†¦show more content†¦This introduction of Elizabeth and Victor’s reception somewhat mark the beginning of his downfall. Another great quote takes place in Chapter 15, when Shelley writes, â€Å"I could have torn him limb f rom limb, as the lion rends the antelope. But my heart sunk within me as with bitter sickness, and I refrained.† (Shelley 120) This quote is located during the storytelling of Frankenstein’s wretch that takes place in the shack upon the mountain glacier. Here, the monster describes how his superhuman strength could’ve easily allowed him to destroy a human who’d been attacking him, but he simply refuses, out of sheer instinct. Why? Why is this eight foot tall monstrosity so gentle? This was constantly unique throughout the novel as I witnessed over and over how much of a gentle giant the wretch actually is. The use of the lion/antelope simile was well-founded, as well. Also, the concept of sickness arises for not the first time in this quote, when the monster claims that his heart sunk within him as with sickness. Sickness came to be one of the forerunning common themes within Frankenstein. The next quote takes place during Victor and Clerval’s journ ey to Britain, in which the author writes, â€Å"‘This is what it is to live,’ he cried, ‘ now I enjoy existence!’† (Shelley 138) Henry Clerval says these words within the novel, and they are filled to the lid with irony. This is whyShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Mary Shelley s Frankenstein 1343 Words   |  6 PagesThe following essay is a book review of Frankenstein, which summarizes and evaluates the story. The purpose of this essay is to describe the two important qualities, which are the overview of the plot (including the characters of the book), and the book’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley and is about a young man named Victor who creates his own human through multiple types of science. The novel is about the monster’s journey in understanding where he cameRead MoreThe Picture Of Dorian Gray Character Analysis830 Words   |  4 Pagesextraordinary personal beauty (Wilde 1),† one that controls other character’s reception of him, as well as affecting his own inner thoughts, for he knows that he seen as beautiful. On the opposite side of the spectrum lies the Creature from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. He is described as as hideously ugly, as he was fashioned from various other body parts. This has an effect on not only the Creature’s mental state, but on how the other characters react to interactions with him. In society, a large portion ofRead MoreThe Impact of Mary Shelley ´s Literature1543 Words   |  6 PagesThe Impact of Mary Shelley Frankenstein, who has not heard of this timeless creature or at least seen one of the many movies created in his honor? Many of our favorite science fiction novels were due to the brilliance of a writer named Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Mary Shelley lived during the romantic period and had parents who were well educated and excellent writers. As a result, Mary began to write and become involved in her father’s literary discussions at a young age. She continued to writeRead MoreThe And The Great Gatsby877 Words   |  4 Pagesrelatively adequate in terms of my writing skills. In highschool I spent a majority of my freshman year reading classics and analyzing the themes and motifs in said novels. My main issue was development because I felt that most statements or inferences could be made in terse arguments. By sophomore year I found my struggle to be the absolute opposite with issues in condensing my writing pieces. While I did spend a majority of my highschool experience d ealing with various writing difficulties, I was able toRead MoreMy Writing Of Writing And Writing863 Words   |  4 PagesI completely did not know what is writing. Teacher told us to write diaries and read storybooks every day. Thus, at the beginning of writing, I thought writing is to record things happened in every day life with emotions or some kind of unrealistic stories that is in one’s mind. However, writing was so confusing to me. I could only write down my memories for the day with simple emotions such as happy, sad or angry. Later on, teacher started to assign topic essays rather than just write diaries. ForRead MoreFrankenstein Analysis Essay1252 Words   |  6 PagesKade Gilbert Mrs. Shelley Wisener ENGL 2321: Frankenstein Analysis Essay 2 October 2017 Mary Shelley’s Journal The human brain while complex, initiating every impulse that controls the body, can be simplified. Simple things such as memories, beliefs, or passions can define the decisions that a person makes. The impulses of humanity may cloud a person’s logic, while each person’s logic, in turn, may affect the impulses of humanity. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is overflowing with emotionally based decisionsRead More Writing the Academic Essay1531 Words   |  7 PagesWriting the Academic Essay For many high school students, the academic essay is an unforgiving monster that terrorizes their campus, a nightmarish beast that can rip the heart out of G.P.A.s and dash all hopes for college admission. Yet, others tame this friend with ease, bending its cruel will to theirs as if it was nothing, as if they possessed a secret weapon. Well, guess what? They do! Successful essayists succeed because they are armed with the exact knowledge of what an essay isRead MoreTeenagers Are Irresponsible, Emotional, Narcissistic And Ungrateful1370 Words   |  6 Pagesphilosophers. Believing fervently in female independence and equality, her biological mother was one of the most prominent feminist thinkers of her time. One of her most well-known works, entitled A Vindication of the Rights of Woman was a persuasive essay pleading the government for state-regulated education for girls. Her father was also a radical political philosopher and novelist and despised the entire institution of m arriage. ( ) With all of this behind her, it is an easy assumption to make thatRead MorePolitics and The English Language: George Orwell ´s Literature3705 Words   |  15 Pagesintegral influence that writing has on society and to reinstate the integrity of the writer. Orwell’s essays have sparked a plethora of adverse and auxiliary opinions regarding the imperishability of his work, from those whom believe that his efforts are archaic, to those who believe that his craftsmanship of language addresses issues which had once been hidden. No matter what side of the social spectrum one categorises themselves in, it is undeniable that Orwell’s essays resonate a certain qualityRead MoreRomanticism in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Essay2052 Words   |  9 Pagesopposing forces: creation and science, continues to draw readers with Frankensteins many meanings and effect on society. Frankenstein has had a major influence across literature and pop culture and was one of the maj or contributors to a completely new genre of horror. Frankenstein is most famous for being arguably considered the first fully-realized science fiction novel. In Frankenstein, some of the main concepts behind the literary movement of Romanticism can be found. Mary Shelley was a colleague of